Plug & Play Solar Interconnection

Our meter adapters make solar interconnection simple.
Fewer service upgrades, fewer inspection failures, and faster tie in.

Interconnect Solar PV in Minutes (really) 

With ConnectDER, solar installers can avoid the headaches associated with complex interconnections, and utilities can gain new insight into behind-the-meter generation. ConnectDER meter adapters install directly between the home’s meter and the meter socket to create a single plug-and-play access point for DER installation.

  • Reduce interconnection time from hours to minutes
  • Decreases balance of system costs by eliminating components and reducing need for premises wiring upgrades
  • Standardized interconnection leads to enhanced safety
  • Unmask behind the meter generation

Loved by Solar Installers

With ConnectDER, solar installers no longer have the headaches associated with complex interconnections. By integrating directly between the meter and the meter socket, ConnectDER creates a single plug-and-play access point for DER installation. No more complex taps, enhanced safety, and reduced installation time that allows you to complete more installs more quickly.

Interested in Using ConnectDER Products in your Territory?

ConnectDER products work with utility partnership or permission. We’re currently working with over a dozen utilities across North America to grow adoption of DERs and easy the interconnection process with the grid.

If you’re interested in using ConnectDER products in your area, we want to hear from you. Contact us to find out if we’re already available.


Download our ConnectDER Flyer or visit our contact page to reach out and find tools and additional information you can share with your utility contacts to ask about ConnectDER.