Solar MSA is now approved and available in New Jersey.


Connecting Solar to Homes Quickly and Affordably


ConnectDER Solar

We believe it shouldn’t take a full electrical upgrade to connect solar panels. That’s why we created ConnectDER Solar—a robust meter socket adapter for your home.

An electrician simply installs ConnectDER Solar onto your existing electrical meter and (ta-dah! 🎉) you’re ready to plug into the sun. It’s safe. It saves time. And, it’s affordable. Click to see if ConnectDER is available in your area.

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Expanding Access to Solar for Homeowners

Instead of engineering proprietary solutions, ConnectDER’s patented solar meter socket adapter is designed to work with most homes so that everyone has unimpeded access to clean energy. Some benefits of using ConnectDER include: 
Compatible with most residential electrical meter sockets, including meter-main combo panels, and those found on older homes
Installed by an electrician in under 15 minutes of the time 
No electrical upgrade means cost savings for homeowners
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There are No Dumb Questions. There are Only

Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectDER products work with utility partnership or permission. We’re currently working with over a dozen utilities across North America to grow adoption of DERs and ease the interconnection process with the grid.

Yes and yes. All ConnectDER products are safe and approved.

It depends on the model and quantities ordered but ConnectDERs typically cost around $500 via electrical distributors with some variation by model and region, with discounts available for volume.

Contact sales or email info@connectder.com for more information.

Under the right circumstances, yes. Contact us here.

Nearly every residential meter socket will work with ConnectDERs. The limiting conditions are condition and size. ConnectDERs should never be used in rusted out or A-base meter sockets, or in certain positions in multi-gang meter sockets.

We support up to 200A, ring type or ringless, 2S or 12S meter form.

Meter socket adapters must be installed by licensed electricians, qualified persons, or utility personnel. 

Have any other questions? We’d love to hear from you!

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