Supply-Side Solar and EV Interconnection
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Help your customers go solar and charge an EV without requiring an electrical panel upgrade.

Developed in partnership with utilities, ConnectDER’s products were created with installers and customers in mind. Click below to see if ConnectDER products are approved in your area.

How It Works

ConnectDER meter socket adapters are installed directly between the utility meter and the meter socket, creating a simple, accessible, outdoor interconnection point for DERs such as solar and EVs. Avoid old, difficult-to-access and non-code compliant main breaker panels and reduce the need for highly technical and dangerous site visits.

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Simplify and standardize interconnection.

ConnectDER meter socket adapters work in virtually every residential meter socket in the U.S. and provide a quick, consistent, and easy-to-train process for tie-in.

Avoid costly and time-consuming main panel upgrades.

These upgrades typically cost thousands of dollars. ConnectDER saves homeowners $1000 on average. 

Reduce time onsite, logistics challenges, and inspection issues.

ConnectDER meter socket adapters provide for a consistent, reliable method that does not alter existing service equipment, minimizes installer impact inside the home, and is easy for electrical inspectors to understand.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It; Hear Why Installers Love Us

“Most contractors said we needed thousands of dollars of additional electrical work to get our solar panels put in. But SunCommon used a device that connected the power right in our meter socket. So they avoided all that electrical work AND they also got the job done really quickly. Our power was barely off at all.”
—Laurel Waters, homeowner, VT
“Historically, many of our jobs don’t go forward because the underserved LMI communities we work with have homes with dated wiring or undersized electrical panels. The cost to upgrade can add thousands per home, pushing electrification out of reach for people who deserve it just as much as anybody else. ConnectDER’s collar takes care of all of those issues and we’ll use it wherever we can.”
—Tom Neyhart, POSIGEN
“My biggest thought would be, (ConnectDER) simplifies a lot of the more complex things we as a utility have to do to manage these interconnection requests and abide by commission rules.”
—Jacob, AEP
There are No Dumb Questions. There are Only

Frequently Asked Questions.

ConnectDER products work with utility partnership or permission. We’re currently working with over a dozen utilities across North America to grow adoption of DERs and ease the interconnection process with the grid.

Yes and yes. All ConnectDER products are safe and approved.

It depends on the model and quantities ordered but ConnectDERs typically cost around $500 via electrical distributors with some variation by model and region, with discounts available for volume.

Contact sales or email info@connectder.com for more information.

Under the right circumstances, yes. Contact us here.

Nearly every residential meter socket will work with ConnectDERs. The limiting conditions are condition and size. ConnectDERs should never be used in rusted out or A-base meter sockets, or in certain positions in multi-gang meter sockets.

We support up to 200A, ring type or ringless, 2S or 12S meter form.

Meter socket adapters must be installed by licensed electricians, qualified persons, or utility personnel. 

Have any other questions? We’d love to hear from you!

Credentialed, Proven and In Use Nationwide

Installer Resources

ConnectDER Simple Product Manuals

ConnectDER Smart Product Manuals

We are here to support you! For urgent questions in the field, call the installer support line or, for questions that are not time-sensitive, feel free to reach out via email at one of the emails below:

Installer Support Line

+1 703-232-1427

9am-5pm ET. | Press 4 for installation and field support. 

Email For Installers

For technical support: support@connectder.com

For returns or component related questions: RMA@connectder.com


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