Get solar, EVs, and energy storage quickly on the home and working seamlessly with the grid.


Reduce interconnection time from hours to minutes.

Cut the time, energy, and headaches of connecting DERs. Interconnect in less than 10 minutes. Every home with a utility meter works with ConnectDER.


Integrate solar, energy storage, electric vehicles, and more.

Our ConnectDER meter collars operate across DERs, and our technology works on the utility’s existing communications infrastructure.


Utility monitoring, data collection, and management.

ConnectDER gives utilities untold opportunities to improve customer safety, choice, and cost while increasing DER installation. 

The Ultimate Meter Enhancement

The heart of our technology platform—the meter collar—integrates between the home’s electric meter socket and the meter itself. From there, utilities and installers can plug-and-play with solar, storage, electric vehicles, and even more.

Smart ConnectDER Meter Collar Adapter
ConnectDER works with utilities across the United States

ConnectDER partners with utilities to unlock value for installers and customers

Find out if our products are available in your service territory. We distribute through utility programs as well as third-party DER component suppliers and retailers where approved for use.

The Simplicity of a Meter Collar

Simple ConnectDER

Reduce DER interconnection to minutes

Smart ConnectDER Meter Collar Adapter

Smart ConnectDER

Easy interconnection & AMI integration

ConnectDER Bridge

ConnectDER Bridge

Utility inverter monitoring and control

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