Solar MSA is now approved and available in New Jersey.


ConnectDER EV

Connect EVs to Homes Without a Costly Electrical Upgrade

Installed in 15 minutes or less and ready to charge your EV!

Plugging in an EV is easy. Connecting a charger to your home should be too. ConnectDER’s patent-pending EV meter socket adapter is like an outdoor power adapter for your home— saving installation time and expensive electrical upgrades. 

Within minutes, an electrician can install the ConnectDER EV into your electrical meter, easily allowing today’s level 2 charging speeds without the hassle of having to upgrade your electric panel.

Compatible with Level 2 EV chargers

Product Safety and Compliance

ConnectDER EV makes it easy for anyone to have an EV charger installed, regardless of how old, undersized or full their electrical panel is. 

Here’s why homeowners and electricians alike love ConnectDER:

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Frequently Asked Questions

EV MSA V1.0 should be installed by qualified personnel including utility metering technicians or electricians/installers approved to work within meter sockets.

There is a 3-year product warranty for the EV MSA if installed and operated in accordance with instructions.

All circuits are connected on the home-side of the meter, meaning electricity drawn through the MSA is billed normally.

EV MSA V1.0 works with any level 2 EVSE that meets the common requirement of:

  1. Configurable to 32 amps maximum continuous current draw.
  2. Hard-wired from EV MSA. Use of pluggable EVSE is prohibited.

The EV MSA V1.0 does support bidirectional EVSE. Like solar PV, use of bidirectional EVSE would require utility interconnection approval. Bidirectional EVSE may be used only as an interactive, grid-tied system (vehicle-to-grid or V2G). It cannot be used for backup power to the premises via the EV MSA since it does not isolate the home from the grid.

EV MSA V1.0 was designed primarily to support electric vehicle charging, but can also connect any non-critical 240V electrical equipment. In periods of high home power consumption, the load is temporarily shed, or turned off, so the homeowner should be comfortable without use of that load during that period. For other applications, please contact support@connectder.com for more information.

Yes, the EV MSA V1.0 can support solar PV but for solar only applications, we recommend use of the Solar MSA. Additionally, installation of solar PV requires utility interconnection approval.

EV MSA V1.0 is compatible with meter sockets rated up to 200 amps maximum, but is intended for use with 100 or 125-amp services. The whole-house capacity of a 200 amp service will be reduced to 100 or 125 amps with the EV MSA V1.0.

Yes, the EV MSA V1.0 can support solar-only PV but for solar only applications, we recommend use of the Solar MSA. Additionally, installation of solar PV requires utility interconnection approval.

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Certifications and Authority

  • Listed to UL 414 and Utility Approved
  • Quality and Safety First
  • Credentialed and Proven

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