Speeding the Transition to Clean Energy for Homes Across the Nation

Currently, there are many barriers to adopting clean energy technologies in residential homes. High costs, needlessly complex interconnection processes, and an abundance of proprietary solutions that don’t interface with one another make it challenging for the average homeowner.

Over the last decade, we developed ConnectDER products in partnership with utilities.

At ConnectDER, we are committed to streamlining electrification so everyone has access.

Our products are a lot like power adapters, convenient, standardized, and available everywhere.

We have currently shipped tens of thousands of units across more than 15 states.

By supporting the use of ConnectDER products, utilities can better support electrification efforts—at a lower cost and in a more standardized way. No more wondering where and how DERs are connected to the home. ConnectDER facilitates the interconnection point right at the meter.

If installing clean energy technologies continues to be costly and inefficient, it will dissuade homeowners from adopting them. 

Let’s work together to connect homeowners to clean energy across the nation. 🤝

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We partner with all sorts of folks to broaden access to clean energy-powered homes. Our goal is to find partners who believe, like we do, that we need more scalable solutions that are deployable today. Here are some of the types of groups we partner with for clean energy change.

Solar installers
Electrical and building inspectors
Regulators and legislators
Advocacy organizations and nonprofits
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“Providing ConnectDER technology is another step we are taking to make it convenient for customers to choose renewable energy.

Con Edison and our customers are leading the transition to a clean energy future, ensuring that our region will remain safe and sustainable.”

—Alexandra Bykov
Project Manager | Con Edison

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