Connect and manage distributed energy resources with the grid faster, safer, and at lower cost.

ConnectDER products are designed for utilities seeking to monitor and manage residential distributed energy resources (DERs) while improving and standardizing the DER interconnection process.

For electric utilities, our meter collars enable load unmasking, detailed remote monitoring, and more. For solar installers, our meter collars reduce costs, minimize logistics, and improve safety. For homeowners, we reduce the cost of getting solar, EV charging, and energy storage on the home. We also remove the need for extra electrical boxes on the side of your house.

Simple Connectder

The Simple ConnectDER™ enables three key innovations in the DER installation process: it reduces the time an electrician or utility representative spends interconnecting the DER system to less than 10 minutes, it removes the need for installers to enter the residence (in the case of externally mounted electric meters), and it enables easy “swap-in” of future distributed generation resources as they are introduced to the market.  For homeowners, it costs less than the alternative and results in fewer boxes on the side of the home.

To date, over 7,000 Simple ConnectDERs have been deployed to tie PV systems into the U.S. electric grid.

Simple ConnectDER Meter Collar
Smart ConnectDER Meter Collar Adapter

Smart Connectder

The Smart ConnectDER™ goes beyond Simple ConnectDER by including onboard metering, communications, and controls. For utilities, it unlocks alternative tariff models and grid management capabilities like load unmasking. This meter collar operates in parallel with the utility’s grid and can be factory-configured to terminate DER field wiring to either the load side or line side of the utility meter.

For homeowners and installers, it comes with all the same benefits of the Simple ConnectDER – lower cost and fewer boxes and wires on the side of your house.



ConnectDER Bridge

The ConnectDER Bridge™ gives utilities real-time, high-resolution visibility and control of site-level solar production through a secure, private connection that integrates directly with your existing AMI infrastructure. With the ConnectDER Bridge utilities can triple DER hosting capacity on the existing distribution system at a fraction of the cost. The Bridge works with our Smart ConnectDER meter collars and is connected through the inverter serial port.

For homeowners and solar installers, ConnectDER Bridge opens the door for participation in emerging energy service programs while continuing to power the home with solar energy.


ConnectDER Bridge

ConnectDER Cloud

The ConnectDER Cloud™ is our intuitive software system that enables fleet operators to retrieve metering and operational data, commission and decommission ConnectDER™ units, manage operating parameters and firmware, and create simple data bridges between various DER types and networked applications like DERMS/DA and REC tracking databases.

Did we mention ConnectDER products work with the utility’s existing communications and grid management systems?