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The stark reality is that climate change is here, at least a decade earlier than many experts had feared and predicted. That’s even as the US and other countries spend hundreds of billions to “electrify” our societies, replacing the way we currently use fossil fuels to generate electricity and power our homes, businesses, industry, and transportation with energy from renewable sources. It’s a stance advocated and advanced by Rewiring America, an organization dedicated to electrification, that asserts that US consumers must install millions more heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, induction stoves, electric vehicles, and rooftop solar systems to meet U.S. climate commitments. But that’s a big challenge in a world that has been addicted to coal, gas, and petroleum for well over a century. To make it happen, we need more ways and places to charge vehicles, more distributed energy sources such as home solar, and more efficient appliances, thermostats, and HVAC systems. Fortunately, technology companies are stepping up to identify and solve these needs…

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