New Device Could Prevent Costly Electrical Rewiring For Homeowners: ‘We’re Blazing … a path’

The company recently closed a $27 million Series C round of funding.

A Philadelphia company just made it easier and more affordable for more homes to install EV chargers, solar power, heat pumps, and battery storage.

ConnectDER makes meter collars that can be installed in an hour, situated between the meter and its socket, and connected to renewable energy installations.

The meter collars make an expensive electrical panel upgrade unnecessary, saving homeowners thousands of dollars and the time an upgrade could potentially take. Financial obstacles often keep homeowners from making the switch to renewable energy, but the ConnectDER devices now make that switch possible.

The age of a home and the current that a conductor can carry continuously without exceeding its temperature rating are irrelevant.

ConnectDER currently operates in 17 states, including New York, Arizona, Vermont, and Colorado, but that may be changing in the very near future. The company recently closed a $27 million Series C round of funding. That generally means a company is about to expand, and that’s exactly what ConnectDER plans to do.

According to the ConnectDEer website, “The funding will be used to scale up ConnectDER’s existing solar adapter into new markets, launch a new EV product line and develop a next-generation product suite for multi-asset electrification and integration.”

Making the installation of renewable energy easier and expanding the number of homes that wouldn’t otherwise make the switch is just another step in combating the warming of the planet. 

“We’re blazing a [technological] path that will enable more people to switch to clean, safe, and resilient energy faster and at a dramatically lower cost,” ConnectDER founder and CEO Whit Fulton said

“We’ve already demonstrated the fundamental value of our high reliability and lowest cost offering and this new round gives us the fuel we need to manufacture and deliver our game-changing technology,” he added.

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