Solar MSA is now approved and available in New Jersey.



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Our Story

ConnectDER is on a mission to provide quicker electrification for everyone.

For over a decade, we’ve worked with utilities, solar installers, and electricians to develop meter socket adapters that connect homes across the nation to clean energy resources in a safe, affordable, streamlined way. We are inspired to remove roadblocks to clean energy adoption, and are devoted to engineering, and bringing new, innovative solutions to market.

Founded in 2011 in Philadelphia by Whit Fulton, ConnectDER was born to solve the thorny problems of natural resources use with simple, usable solutions. Our first product launched in Vermont in 2015 in collaboration with Green Mountain Power. Since then, we’ve shipped over 20,000 units across 20 states. 

What We’re Up To

Con Edison announces ConnectDER availability at stakeholder meeting in March, 2019
Utility installs on customer homes upon request; cuts cost to interconnect, gets better data on production/consumption of DER

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