The ConnectDER™ enables rapid connection of grid-ready distributed energy resources (DERs), especially solar photovoltaic systems, by creating a connection point to a collar that installs between a residential electric meter and a meter socket.  It drives a number of benefits for the installation process:

  • Reduces costs by removing some balance of system components and premises wiring upgrades
  • Minimizes logistics headaches & site inspection time
  • Eliminates one of the primary areas of inspection failures, the load-side wiring

It comes in two versions: the Simple ConnectDER™, which provides the basic connection, and the Smart ConnectDER™, which adds metering and management functions for the local utility.

Simple ConnectDER

  • Simple connectivity for solar and other DERs
  • Integrated branch circuit protection
  • Supports up to 15 kW @ 240 V
  • Grounding compliant with NEC Article 250
  • UL Listed
  • Patented
Product Specification

Smart ConnectDER

  • All Simple ConnectDER™ features plus…
  • Revenue grade metering on branch circuit (certified to ANSI C.12)
  • Cellular, Wifi, Zigbee, or AMI communications options
  • Cloud based fleet operations system
  • Emergency remote disconnect on branch circuit
  • Hardwired serial bus communications to inverter
  • Hardwired TCP/IP over MODBUS communications to inverter
Product Specification

ConnectDER Cloud

The ConnectDER Cloud™ is an intuitive system that enables fleet operators to retrieve metering and operational data, commission and decommission ConnectDER™ units, and manage operating parameters and firmware.

  • HTTPS secure socket communications
  • Batch command management
  • API
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