Monitor DERs with the Smart ConnectDER

The Smart ConnectDER™ is our most advanced meter collar. It’s designed for utilities looking to do more than just ease or standardize the distributed energy resource (DER) interconnection process. The Smart ConnectDER is built with onboard metering and works with the utility’s existing communications infrastructure. When used with the ConnectDER Bridge, the Smart ConnectDER can also remotely manage solar inverters installed on the home.

Understand the Grid Edge

The Smart ConnectDER™ is UL-Listed equipment that enables rapid interconnection of grid-ready DERs. The device creates a safe, standardized, low-cost alternative to traditional wiring methods. It contains onboard metering, communications, and controls to unlock alternative tariff models and grid management capabilities.

The Smart ConnectDER operates in parallel with the utility’s electric grid. It is approved for use with grid-interactive photovoltaic (PV) systems where the inverter(s) meets UL 1741 requirements.

The Smart ConnectDER can be factory configured to terminate DER field wiring to either the load side or line side of the utility meter.

Features includee all Simple ConnectDER™ features plus…

  • Revenue-grade metering of DER source(ANSI C12.20 0.5 Accuracy Class)
  • Cellular or AMI communications options
  • Cloud-based fleet operations system
  • Emergency remote disconnect of DER source
  • Optional WiFi ConnectDER Bridge™ module for communications to inverter
Smart ConnectDER Meter Collar Adapter

What’s inside the Smart ConnectDER?

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