Interconnect Easily with the Simple ConnectDER

Our Simple ConnectDER™ meter collar is ideal for utilities and distributed energy resource (DER) installers looking to standardize grid interconnection and reduce installation time. Built with a circuit breaker and terminal block, the Simple ConnectDER removes the need for installers to enter the home, and easily enables future DER upgrades as they enter the market.

Reduce Interconnection Time to Minutes

The Simple ConnectDER™ is UL-Listed equipment that enables rapid interconnection of grid-ready DERs like solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The device creates a safe, standardized, low-cost alternative to traditional wiring methods.

The Simple ConnectDER™ is a meter collar, installed at the service point between a standard split-phase residential electric meter and the meter socket. PV systems are connected to the grid by attaching the tool-free junction box to the Simple ConnectDER meter collar. No wiring into the adapter is required, which greatly enhances ease of installation and future serviceability.

The meter collar also includes a circuit breaker on the DER circuit, which is rated for the output of the DER. The Simple ConnectDER operates in parallel with the utility’s grid. It is approved for use with grid-interactive PV systems where the inverter(s) meets UL 1741 requirements.

The Simple ConnectDER enables three key innovations in the DER installation process: it reduces the time that an electrician or utility representative must spend onsite to interconnect the system to less than 10 minutes; it removes the need for installers to enter the residence (in the case of externally mounted electric meters); and it enables easy “swap-in” of future distributed generation resources as they are introduced to the market.

To date, over 8,000 Simple ConnectDERs have been deployed to tie PV systems into the U.S. electric grid.

Features include:

  • Simple connectivity for solar and other distributed energy resources
  • Integrated circuit protection for the parallel energy source
  • Supports PV systems of up to 15 kW at 240 V
  • Fully NEC compliant
  • UL-listed
  • Patented

What’s inside the Simple ConnectDER?

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